Our Plan through to the New Year

Remembering that a plan is a statement of intention at the time it is written.  The great thing about our lifestyle is that we are very flexible.

A lot of miles but the highlights are:

  • The Dempster Highway, to the Arctic Ocean IF THE ROAD IS DRIVABLE IN TIGGER
  • Camping on our land in Osoyoos
  • Exploring the Sawtooth Mountains
  • Brief Visit to Golden, CO area
  • CamperForce with Amazon in Kentucky
  • Christmas (just) with Mum

This will take you to the full itinerary.

If we are near you – just let us know and we can try and get together.

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Richard King Photography Results Service

The Votes are IN !

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Updated Itinerary – Now to Independence Day!

Where we plan to be

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The Taste of the Wild West!

The Street at Old Trail Town

These are old, original cabins, businesses and wagons. The cabins have been moved from their original location and rebuilt and restored here at The Old Trail Town Museum in Cody, Wyoming.  Probably the most famous of which is the Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’s cabin.

Interior of Butch Cassidy’s and The Sundance Kid’s Cabin

Looking out of the window from Butch and Sundance’s Cabin I expected to see the Sheriff and Posse explode out of the Livery Stable opposite ……..

Looking out from Butch Cassidy’s and The Sundance Kid’s Cabin

…..in search of Butch and Sundance?

Original Wanted Dead Or Alive Posters

On arrival at the entrance cabin, to buy our tickets, we got a full description of the museum, how it came about and what to expect going round.  As we went round it was easy to imagine life in those days and smell and taste the Wild West!

Most of the cabins were named and had information of the history/origins of the cabin or store.  Great interiors for most cabins of artifacts from the appropriate era.

Old Saddles

Old Sea Chest

By going up one side of the “street” and coming down the other you see a few marked graves and monuments of renown men with the description of their do’ins: Jim White, John Jeremiah “Liver Eating” Johnston, John Colter, Jim Bridger and Buffalo Bill’s Grandson. Again the deceased had been moved here and reinterred.  In the barns containing the carriages and wagons there was even an old hearse straight out of a horror movie.

Monument at Jim White’s Grave


Interior of The Shell Store. First store in Shell, WY

There was even a one room schoolhouse, I am glad conditions had improved when I went to school!

One Room Schoolhouse Interior

Original Log Cabin

In homage to the era and to try and give a sense of place and the atmosphere, all of the images from this visit have been made in black and white (and not because I just love black and white).  I believe this monochrome view helps transport you back there.

Gear: Nikon D800, Nikkor 24.0mm-70.0mm f/2.6, Lexar Digital Film

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